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Session Info

During our exclusive planning session, we embark on an immersive exploration to bring your vision to life. We delve into the heart of your desires, unraveling the perfect blend of location and style that will capture the essence of your vision. With three distinctive options to choose from, the possibilities are boundless.

First, indulge in the realm of fine art—a realm where creativity knows no bounds. We will craft an exquisite portrait that embodies the elegance and timeless beauty of your horse.

Alternatively, immerse yourself in the profound connection shared between horse and rider. Through our lens, we will immortalize the harmonious bond and unspoken language that binds you both together, capturing intimate moments that will tug at your heartstrings.

If freedom and unbridled spirit is what you seek, we can capture your horse at liberty, celebrating their natural grace and uninhibited movement. In an indoor arena or against the backdrop of a breathtaking outdoor setting, we will encapsulate their untamed spirit in stunning imagery.

With each option, we offer a variety of stunning locations to choose from. Picture your horse photographed in the captivating surroundings of a barn aisle, where the rustic charm adds a touch of authenticity. Alternatively, we can showcase their magnificence within the familiar setting of the barn where you train. And for those who long for nature’s embrace, we can venture outdoors, capturing your horse amidst breathtaking landscapes that perfectly complement their majestic presence.

The choice is yours—together, let us create an unforgettable visual masterpiece that surpasses your expectations, embodying the very essence of your cherished equine companion.

Fine Art Collection

In this session, we specialize in capturing the timeless elegance of your horse against a striking Black or White background. We choose a captivating location, such as the entrance to a barn aisle or an arena, ensuring a stunning backdrop for the shoot. To optimize the setting, it’s ideal to have the ability to close off one end of the barn, creating a focused and immersive atmosphere.

Our photography approach primarily relies on the beauty of natural lighting, allowing it to infuse the images with a sense of authenticity. However, we understand that each horse has their own comfort level. To achieve truly artistic results, we may incorporate carefully placed artificial lighting if it aligns with the horse’s temperament and enhances the overall visual impact.

Join us for a session that captures the essence of your horse in a timeless and artistic manner, making use of the interplay between light, background, and the undeniable grace of your equine companion.

Outdoor / Natural Environment

In this extraordinary collection, we seek to capture the essence of your horse in its natural habitat—the environment where it truly thrives. With careful consideration, we select picturesque locations that perfectly reflect the spirit and beauty of your equine companion.

Imagine your horse photographed by a charming barn, exuding rustic charm and timeless elegance. Or picture them gracefully positioned by a tranquil stream, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. For those seeking a touch of whimsy and vibrancy, we can venture into a vibrant field of flowers, capturing the radiant energy that emanates from your horse.

Additionally, we offer the stunning option of a majestic Mountain backdrop, evoking a sense of grandeur and breathtaking vistas. If you have a favorite place that holds special meaning to you and your horse, we are more than willing to bring your vision to life in that cherished location.

Let us embark on a journey to showcase the natural beauty of your horse, capturing their spirit and grace in surroundings that speak to their soul. Together, we will create an unforgettable collection of photographs that encapsulate the unique bond you share with your beloved equine companion.

Fine Art Collection  (Barn Aisle)

  • 1 hour Session
  • 2 horse Max ($100 per additional horse)
  • Wall design Consultation
  • 20-30 images Edited images presented at Portrait Reveal
  • Eight (8) edited images watermarked & sized for social media
  • $500 Print Credit


Horse and Rider Connection Session

  • 1 1/2 hour Session
  • Under Saddle and/or Stand Alone
  • 2 Set-ups (1) Horse ($100 each additional horse and/or rider)
  • Up to 70 Images presented at Portrait Reveal
  • $800 Print Credit
  • Ten (10) edited images watermarked & sized for social media


Fine Art Collection & Horse/Rider Connection Session

  • 2 -2.5 Hour
  • 3 Setups / Up to 3 horses ($100 per additional horse or Person)
  • Under Saddle, Stand Alone, At Liberty
  • 80 Images presented at Portrait Reveal
  • Twenty (20) edited images watermarked & sized for social media
  • $2000 Print Credit




To access the exclusive offer of 20 high-resolution images, we kindly require you to purchase a 30″ wall portrait for an additional fee. This ensures that you receive the highest quality product and guarantees an exceptional selection of images to treasure.

Rest assured, each image goes through meticulous retouching to enhance its appearance and prepare it flawlessly for printing. With your purchase, you obtain unlimited personal usage rights, granting you the freedom to print, share, and display the images according to your preferences. For optimal results, we highly recommend utilizing our professional lab for printing.

Please be aware that commercial rights are not included or permitted, and the images should not be manipulated or altered. We retain the copyright as the original creators. As part of the package, you will receive a mounted 5 x 7 print of each image in a display box.