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Our Story

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado, our husband and wife team brings over 40 years of photography expertise to the forefront, specializing in captivating equine portraits. With our deep-rooted passion and unwavering commitment, we aim to immortalize the unique stories of your equine companions through our lens.

Elizabeth’s journey into photography began under her father’s mentorship, instilling in her a keen eye for visual storytelling. Alongside her, Rich’s upbringing on a family farm cultivated his innate connection with animals, making him a master of capturing their true essence.

Combining Elizabeth’s technical finesse with Rich’s animal whispering skills, we create captivating equine portraits that resonate with authenticity and emotion. From show horse portraits to dressage masterpieces, our portfolio showcases the diverse beauty of these majestic creatures.

When we’re not behind the lens, we’re surrounded by the joy of our four cherished Griffons and the love of our family. Our tranquil mountain lifestyle inspires us to seek out the extraordinary in every equine moment.

We invite you to entrust us with the privilege of preserving your horse’s legacy. Let us immortalize their essence and spirit, ensuring their stories echo through the ages. Join us on this remarkable journey as we celebrate the extraordinary tales of your equine companions.

Warm regards,

Elizabeth and Rich Devenney