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Giving Back

Equine Portraits for a Cause:

Capturing Beauty, Making a Difference

By joining us in making a difference, you can have a profound impact while also enjoying exclusive benefits. Donate to our cause and receive a complimentary white background photo session—an opportunity to capture stunning images of your horse against a pristine backdrop.

Furthermore, enhance your home with statement wall art that showcases the timeless beauty and grace of your own horse. Our collection of exquisite artwork is carefully curated to make a lasting impression and become a focal point in any space.

Your generous contribution not only enables us to continue our mission, but it also allows you to play an integral role in supporting our cause. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and create lasting memories that celebrate the majesty of horses.

Join us in this inspiring endeavor by donating today and indulging in the splendor of our white background photo session, while also acquiring remarkable statement wall art that beautifully honors your cherished equine companion.

A $95 donation gives you a complimentary “white” portrait session for your horse at

How It Works


Donate $95 to charity here on our website.


Receive a "White Background" portrait session for your horse at Thermal, CA Desert International Horse Park between.


Select your favorite images from the session as fine art for your home. Your art purchase helps us donate charity coffee table books to benefit equine rescue.

We Have A

$10,000 Goal

For Charity
And receive a complimentary white background portrait session for your horse at