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Charity Portraits

A $95 donation gives you a complimentary “white” portrait session for your horse at

We Have A

$10,000 Goal

For Charity

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Experience the sheer beauty and elegance of your beloved horse with our statement wall art. 

Introducing our remarkable approach that captures the essence of your equine companion with unparalleled presence and artistic impact.

To make a lasting impact and support our cause, we invite you to donate and receive a complimentary white background photo session. This exclusive opportunity allows us to create stunning images that truly highlight the unique qualities of your horse.

Once you have experienced the magic of the session, we offer the chance to own your very own piece of statement wall art featuring your magnificent horse. These captivating artworks are meticulously crafted to bring a touch of grace and grandeur to any space, making a lasting impression on all who behold them.

By donating and purchasing our statement wall art, you not only enhance your surroundings with a breathtaking masterpiece but also contribute to our ongoing efforts to promote and protect the equine community.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary bond between horses and humans. Together, we can make a profound impact through the power of art.

Donate today and claim your free white background photo session, and let the beauty of your horse shine through statement wall art.